30 January 2006

please wait... :-)

switching ova to a new address.
hold the line!

26 January 2006

mashup, bastardpop, whatever still alive

after doing this [mashup of tweet & d.a.f.] together with famous leo in 2001 i quite lost interest in such things. the grey album then was - okay - interesting. but with this one bastardpop is back in my focus.

i may be wrong, but bastardpop's influence on pop culture, copyright etc might be underestimated at the moment... but we're only witnessing its beginning! whoever did this q-unit thing has great musical taste and humor. for my pop sense of hearing it still has some stressful passages, but hey, remember early public enemy... i definitly will be keeping in touch with bastardpop again.

25 January 2006

popjustice.co.uk finally redesigned! hurrah!

somehow missed their relaunch few days ago.
still full of goodies, laughs and pop music.
they also got a podcast now.
go www.popjustice.com

24 January 2006

from guinea pig pics over kutti mc & pet shop boys to trend-setting fame

aint it cute?
it's the january 2006 pic in my guinea pig calendar. eek eek.

2005 really was the guinea pig year. leo once came & said, "hey let's do some press pics with you & a guinea pig on it. we'll do it terry richardson style."
intro magazine then featured cavys in some issues & i bet some english mags did that before already. by googling i found a swiss mc who dedicated a song to his dead cavy fritzli (r.i.p.). find some of his tunes on http://www.kuttimc.com. his lyrics sound quite weird as he spits in swiss german dialect. [in fact i have to say "i don't understand a word" as neil tennant once sang]. but some instrumentals are quite cool.

as you can see me & my crew always got our fingers on the pulse of time. i even got reassurance by some german girl magazine:

23 January 2006

hello 2006

first of all, let me taKe a looK bacK to 2005:

find my personal top tunes here.

2005 for me was:
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3, moving house, self-control, early... house... muziK!, pomodori essiccati, mcguffin Kassiber, popjustice, white port wine, audiolith, dogs and not to forget some miKi miKron releases:

this one i'm especially proud of. plemo - "plemogetriebe (miKi miKron remix)" is melting grime, rave, acid, hip hop & dancehall. fits perfect to the message of the song. this tracK was letting many Kinnladen Klapp runter.

the next tracK - my first officially released "real" miKi miKron track - "bilder von dir" has been released on infamous pudel produKte zwei. aaand...: hans nieswandt played the tune in his radioshow on 1live. wow!

a track i did together with jaKe the rapper: miKi miKron feat. JAKE - "invasion of the partysnatchers" released on the cpt. future compilation by mighty colosseum label. they do a lot of major soundtracK releases in germany. listen to the snippet on my website's discography section.

second officially released "real" miKi miKron track: "nimm soviel" featured on a promotional cd-compilation by my longtime publishers stora. get an impression of the compilation by listening to the promotional minimix i put together. also featuring tracKs by felix Kubin, jason forrest, messer chups, KissKissbangbang with teobi, miss hawaii, Kasion & teobi, plemo (miKi miKron rmx), gunter adler, oleg Kostrow a.m.m. not available at local shops, so you'd have to checK stora mailorder or juno.

so here we are in 2006. my forecast:
more miKi remixes, touring, raving, going upstairs, sa-ra creative partners, annie, pet shop boys, Kitsuné, mcguffin Kassiber, channel101, purple rain & apple juice. and i still won't be sure whether i should get me a myspace-account.

things to come in the near future:
audiolith originally planned to release an mp3-single of mariah carey-esque untypically balladesque "irgendwo nur nicht hier" together with a great grEAT GREAT video clip by sönKe held who has been worKing with puppetmastaz, international pony, blümchen(!) etc.
due to tight schedules and stuff we skip that single and will go straight for the album release in march (featuring the clip either on the album or itunes or somewhere else). don't know all the details yet, but it will be great. so excited bout that... more details soonish!

have a splendid new year!

12 January 2006


today meanie bar hamburg, 10pm:

miKi miKron

most known cdr***-jockeys!
of the world!

are gonna play: afrodisiac soundsystem, sa-ra, kano, mitchell bros, ty, chip e, beatmasters, rob base, jungle bros, fast eddie, leila k, lisa lisa, fannypack, britney, annie, baxendale..
for instance.

*** - only today

04 January 2006

hello world

new year, other language.
from now on i will do this in english.

also i'll soon post my personal 2005 review.